MyCO – fast file manager for Windows
  • Easy navigation
  • Ultra portable, no install
  • Based on new API of Windows 7
  • Easy access to home folders, Download and Documents
  • Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders
  • Advanced overwrite dialog
  • Secure delete files, shredder
  • Sparse files support
  • Create, delete, rename junctions, hardlinks, symlinks, mountpoints
  • Built in file image viewer, supports jpg, png, tif, gif, wdp, bmp, ico
  • Built in file hex viewer
  • New Drag and Drop Support
  • Built in archive handling: ZIP (read, create), ISO (create)
  • File searching
  • Multi rename tool
  • Full Unicode support
  • Tabbed dual-panel interface – horizontal and vertical
  • History list
  • Favorite locations
  • Unicode file names everywhere
  • File properties and context menu
  • Change file attributes
  • DOS command line
  • Full support for all relevant keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation
  • Built in SSH client
  • Built in FTP client
  • Built in SFTP client
  • Built in SCP client
  • Compressor and archiver
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64bit versions of Windows7
  • Extremely competitive price: FREE
c++ / MicroPlatform
    Si Hammer

    So many functions!!!!! If it could cook my dinner I could probably do without my wife?!?!

    on 8 Aug 15 at  09:32:45 Reply

    OK:)) We’ll see that in a future update.

    on 31 Aug 15 at  01:46:02 Reply

    This is an awesome, fast file manager!
    I would like to participate in making a Dutch language file.
    Is this possible?

    on 16 Jun 16 at  10:25:07 Reply


      Thanks for helping us.
      We will send you an email with the text that need to be translated.
      Feel free to suggest any other things that you thins are missing.
      Thanks again.

      on 19 Jun 16 at  02:45:42 Reply

    Hi! How help you to translate Commander in to my language – ukrainian? An added missing strings in russain lang.

    on 29 Oct 16 at  07:29:25 Reply

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